About us

Serigor offers the full range of consulting services, from strategic IT consulting and systems integration to outsourcing and training. We work with our clients to significantly improve productivity and reduce costs by applying the right mix of services.

SeRigor = Strategy + Execution + Rigor -symbolizes the qualities that empower us to aim for nothing less than the best. At SeRigor, we imbibe in us these fundamentals that ultimately drive us to process superlative solutions incorporating the perfect blend of up-to-the-minute information and latest system technologies that outputs as the perfect equation of success.

SeRigor is a niche corporation that specializes in information technology and business management consultancy that aims at promulgating the best system solutions to upgrade your management functions using the best that technology has to offer today. We believe in the richness of technology and astuteness of creative human sensibility, which when coined together, results in an inspirational business structure that can develop and advance with each passing year in any economic situation.

Our primal services range from industry specific IT based management consulting, database and software development, business process outsourcing, staffing, strategy planning, and business resource analysis. They are designed to analyze, predict and create new options for an improved coherent managerial function that can help objectively tabulate and study various areas of business management in a simplified manner. We focus on not just changing the obsolete, but determining how to channelize your firms resources, optimize leveraging tools and technology for evaluation and improvement, integrating your firm’s systems into a connected network so as to ensure consistency in functions; developing IT specific evaluation tools for staffing and other secondary resources and much more.

Our Services Include:

Specialized IT Consulting

Our IT Strategy & Transformation experts help top management achieve greater business value from IT.Our various services includes :

  • Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE)
  • Quality Consulting (Six Sigma, ITIL, CMMI, PMI / PMBOK)
  • Shared Services Development
  • Outsourcing Management: Start to Steady State
  • IT Strategy & Transformation
  • Application Development
  • PMO Consulting
  • Cost Optimization
Business Process Outsourcing

SeRigor offers a range of flexible outsourcing solutions to optimize service levels, reduce and improve cost structures, reduce corporate carbon footprints and strengthen competitive positioning.

Staff Augmentation

Our skilled application professionals can help you manage fluctuating skill needs, skills gaps and changing staffing needs to meet your aggressive project timelines.

A business maybe small or large, but its efficacy is determined by its approach towards the final goal. Information Technology has brought us to a level where staying ahead in competition quite literally translates into staying ahead with technology. The scope for technical excellence is unlimited for any firm; it is how you optimize it for that desired excellence that matters. At Serigor, we understand this and with our industry expertise, you can be assured of quality and excellence in both technical setup and optimization of that technical support judiciously.

After all, a well connected system is an efficient system.