Education Solutions

Serigor offers Policy, Process, Project and Technology Implementation services in rapidly evolving Education industry from K-12 to Higher Education.

With technology the entire education ecosystem is fast evolving. The change is encompassing University and school education, Education Administration, Government education departments and policy making.

Coupled with this, federal and state level initiatives are driving the pace of change, innovation, delivery and accountability in education sector. Case in point is the Race to the Top (RttT) program with commitment to raise student achievement. States have been working hard to achieve important goals like lifting its college-going rate, increase its proficiency rates in certain subjects and eliminate achievement gaps among all student subgroups.

For any enterprise and education institution, meeting education goals while staying current with technology brings challenges and as stakeholders work hard to alleviate the limitations of legacy systems, meet the regulatory compliance needs, stay aligned with policy environment, adopt technology as an enabler, cut costs and manage budgets. Pressure is constantly mounting on Infrastructure and operations to find opportunities to increase efficiencies in operations while improving delivery.

Serigor has served education industry in a number of projects and is well placed to serve our customer needs and in a variety of ways. We are well versed with K12, Public School Systems and Higher Education environments. Our partnerships with specialized education experts and companies further expand our solution capability. We are well versed with domain, technology side of it, regulatory compliance issues like FERPA, PII and the overall ecosystem.

How we can help:

  • Exclusive advisory
  • Policy, Grant Management and Reporting
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Education and Technology Subject Matter Experts
  • IT Services Management
  • Operations Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Project Management
  • Education Subject Matter Expertise
  • E-learning solutions
  • End to End IT Services
  • System Implementations and ERP Solutions
  • Data Analytics
  • Regulatory Compliance