Culture at SeRigor

Serigor believes that the strength and success of an organization lies in its people, In any type of business to grow and prosper its people are not just the key assets, but also the key differentiators.

Every day brings in new challenges, therefore, for our team to remain passionate, professional and enthusiastic about thier work, SeRigor provide the best possible work environment, opportunities for growth and development, and the encouragement and motivation to grow and perform to the highest possible levels.

SeRigor believes that performance is an outcome of congenial work culture which we try to provide through:

Employee development :

SeRigor offers access to industry best training and development programmes to its employees through brain friendly workshops and seminars. We let our people learn and grow at every platform individually by providing them education to new technologies and trends.SeRigor ties with various institutons across the country to offer technical assistance, further education and practical training. We appreciate the talent and outstanding performace and we reward it by best possible means to honor it.

Open door policy :

SeRigor has an Open Door philosophy to encourage direct, honest, interactive communication among all employees, regardless of their level. In order to ensure that employee issues can be resolved in an expeditious and fair manner, we provide multiple avenues through which employees can resolve general and individual complaints. Employees always have the option of carrying a concern to the next level of management, Human Resources, senior management, or an Owner/Director level person without fear of retaliation.

Financial assistance :

Funds are required for living, transport, higher education and medical emergencies. SeRigor understands the need and provide finacial support, giving employees a place to turn when they are in need.

Comprehensive Health Insurance :

Serigor offers various medical benefits to its employee which covers General Sickness & Hospitalization, Short Term Disability(person needing medical leaves for shorter duration due to sickness/accident), Long Term Disability(medical leave provided due to disability resulting from accident/ sickness),Dental Care,Vision Service Plan and more.

Employee benefits :

SeRigor offers attractive benefits to retain the talent in the organization by provideing them welfare benefits like , Susidised Meals, Company Transport, Retirement Benefits, Employee Referal Programs, Bonus and much more. .

Serigor strongly believe in the philosophy of "Employees are our internal customers". We want to learn and grow with our clients. We value and respect each team member's contribution. We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver excellent results. Most importantly, we have fun doing it.