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Applications that address specific enterprise needs have become a part of today’s technology landscape as the limitations of packaged software become apparent. With new technology emerging on nearly a daily basis, the need for establishing a robust system for smooth running services is critical. Our experts at Serigor, identify and acknowledge such requirements and hence work diligently towards building a well-rounded IT strategy, which eventually leads to a reliable applications for the business.

Whether you need a custom enterprise solution from the ground up or an experienced integrator to create a connected ecosystem or a diversified team of developers to handle a range of complex enterprise applications in modern as well legacy technologies, you can find a trusted high value partner in Serigor.



Serigor team brings the proven team and methodologies to design, develop, implement and maintain custom enterprise applications that automate complex organizational and client-centric workflows. Our range of capabilities includes: Cross-Platform Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Content Management Systems Development and Web & Portal Development.


We help you put together scattered enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, payment processors, content management and even social channels to accomplish business process continuity, business enablement, data integrity and siloed free collaboration. Our range of capabilities includes: Cloud Integration, Data Integration, Application Integration, B2B Integration and Message Integration


We help you revitalize your aging legacy systems by reviewing its technology architecture, migrating it to modern platforms, enriching it with modern features, making it device agnostic, improving its User Interface and User Experience, and aligning it with modern security and scalability requirements. Our application modernization services ensure a smooth transition from traditional systems by retaining all critical business rules.


Today's economy demands more focus in core business areas. However, maintaining your Mission Critical Applications is equally important. Our unique Application Maintenance & Operations package helps you do both effectively and successfully. Our range of M&O capabilities includes: Bug Fixes, Security Updates & Patches, Developing New Functionalities and Application Scaling.


We help optimize the people, processes, tools, and architecture needed to take clients from future vision, to adoption, and ultimately to scale at a speed greater than the pace of disruption.

Agile Development

Serigor agile development at focuses on creating efficient agile teams, and developing state-of-the-art software solutions specific to the needs of your company. This in turn means less time spent on software development, and better quality software solutions for your business.

DevOps Approach

With Serigor DevOps, a leading software engineering trend, we help in making this shift possible by bringing business, development and operation teams together to streamline IT and applying more automated processes.Our clients deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing DevOps.

SAFe Adoption

Organizations leveraging the SAFe approach for scaling Agile see significant improvement in productivity, quality, and time to market. The framework addresses three key levels for scaling: the Portfolio, the Program, and the Team. Serigor experience is built on track record with large-scale organizational change and transformation, so we can ensure you achieve agile at scale in the fastest, most efficient, and lasting manner.